Everett Jeremiah is ONE

You started out very small
With a war cry that could startle nations & you used it often.
You weren’t to sure how you felt about this new world
With a big brother that was smothering you in kisses and trying to share his toys but always ending up bonking you in the head with them.
You grew…quickly
With a never ending appetite and love for all things bananas
You became our happy Heavy Evy
With a smile on your face always
You are already a morning person
With a smile every morning without fail-you are ready to start the day
You are determined
With a stubbornness that is matched only by the people that made you-you can hold your own
You have the best smile
With your three top teeth that show, the dimple on the top of your cheek & your eyes that close-you smile with your WHOLE face
You are our Everett Jeremiah
With nicknames like
Mr. Planters//Ehbit Me-ay-mya//Heavy Evy
Chunka chunka burnin love & whatever else comes out
You will be loved forever
With all our hearts.every.day.no matter what!
You will be prayed for
With every changing season and new adventure-you can know that you are covered in prayers from your mommy & daddy

You are ONE


With a family that loves you like crazy


It’s True.

Ever True.

***More pictures of his Dr. Seuss birthday bash will be coming after Im done celebrating this cute birthday boy!***


In honor of Valentines Day, I’ve decided to go back to something I love…blogging.

Since everyone has been focused on “love” this weekend I want to share a story. It’s a story about a homemade t-shirt, a movement and a choice… & they are all centered around: LOVE

If you are a part of the C3 Family then you have seen our “LOVE WINS” shirts (and if not you have probably still seen them because I wear them all the time)


It is one of my favorite shirts! But not because of the cool font or even the catchy phrase. 

This shirt represents a story…

There was day when tear-stained hands placed fabric letters on an old t-shirt.

When the pain and the loss was so great it couldn’t even really be explained.

When almost everyone that had the title of “friend” was now forming groups to gossip and lie. They were determined to do anything they could to make sure church stayed their familiar country club clique where outsiders were not welcome.

People that used to surround our dinner table, were now relentless in their malicious pursuit to stop this “crazy” movement. They want to put an end to the idea/movement that church could actually connect the community with Christ and be Jesus to those in our city.

The story of C3 Church is an amazing one and thankfully many of those in the C3 family today did not have to experience the battle that took place to start such a movement.

It was brutal.

The ugliest side of those that called themselves “Christians” was on display and the hate was almost suffocating.

“Let those people find somewhere else to go. Those tattoo covered, shorts wearing…lost… people find some other church. This is MY church…and I like it just the way it is.”

The fear of the unknown and the love of traditions triumphed anything the bible had to say.

That is why the reminder was needed. This is why the choice had to be made. A choice to choose LOVE over hate. 

There was no way to know then, that choice would be the starting point of a movement. That thousands of shirts would be made based off the inspiration of this little homemade shirt.


An article about the launch of C3 church in Regal Cinemas included a picture of my mom sporting her homemade LOVE WINS shirt.

My mom is truly one of the strongest women I know!  As a 10th grade high school student walking through what felt like my world ending, I knew I had a choice. I was so tempted to be filled with hate. 

As she stuck those letters on that shirt and wore it as a declaration…I made my choice.

LOVE always WINS.

Every time I see sometime wearing “C3 Apparel” I smile. But as I said before, this shirt is probably my favorite. It is my reminder.


My reminder of God’s grace.

His closeness.

His promise.

My reminder that one persons choice to not quit, to stand and to hold tight to truth…can truly change everything. The choice to stand up for those you haven’t event met yet no matter what the cost. 

It was worth every tear. Every loss. Every single moment of why…


They are worth it.




2012-08-26 16.40.33





But it wasn’t just for “them.” Like I mentioned, it impacted me and my choice at a young age. No one knew then, but one day my little guys would not only be wearing cute LOVE WINS shirts…

V Day T & E 2015

But they would also grow up in a home that believes:

E V Day 2015


No matter what you may be facing HIS LOVE…the one true love….has the potential to change you. It may not change your situation or your surroundings, but it will change you. 

Make the choice to stand out. Choose to be an example and let light shine through you.

You never know who you will impact. Because it was just a little homemade shirt that turned into to something spreading far beyond the walls of our church.

2012-04-28 10.45.23




2012-11-03 09.52.01




I’m so very thankful for a mom that had the courage to be an example and choose LOVE years ago. But I am even more thankful that she has continued to choose love everyday since. She will never fully know the impact that choice has had on countless people and generations to come.


It’s a reminder.
It’s a declaration.

His LOVE always always WINS!

t & E V Day 2015 (2)

It’s True.

Ever True. 


I know it has been over a month since my last post and I haven’t been updating the way I planned when it comes to weight loss. I definitely have my hands full with these two little guys.

(My next post is going to be all about my boys with a crazy amount of pictures and maybe even a few adorable videos…so make sure you follow or subscribe so you don’t miss it!)

I have started to write a few times but I honestly just needed some time. Some time to prove that I am getting healthy for me…not for anyone else. What you do when no one knows, when no one is watching, that is what will make or break you. I think I needed to eat healthy/exercise etc. and prove to myself that I could and would do this no matter what.

But I was reminded of something so encouraging, I just had to share.

Here is a quick update:

I’m down 8 lbs from March 17th. I have lost more than that but I gained some weight back over my birthday celebration(S). (what can I say I am a VERY loved girl 🙂 )

I have been eating healthy most days. My diet mainly consist of veggies, meat, and some fruit <-THIS IS MY WEAKNESS…I would just eat fruit for every meal…but all that sugar! Yeah, not a good idea.

I cut out dairy originally because I’ve noticed that really helps me lose weight. I promise it is much easier than you think and all it takes is some pizza (last Friday night) or froyo (saturday…I’m telling you birthday celebrations killed me). But for real just one “diary-filled” meal after not eating it for awhile and let’s just say you go right back to HAPPILY not eating it.

I started a “couch to 5k” app and completed my first “post-baby #2” 5k last Saturday. It was the Run for the Trees and it was my 4th year in a row doing it.

It was hard, ridiculously hard and pretty discouraging, honestly. Everyone wants to improve with time and become better…well this race is one of those reminders that I have a longgggg way to go to get back to where I was last year (or the years before for that matter).

BUT I finished it! That’s better than what I wanted to do…which varied between crawling in a hole to die, punching someone in the throat, and/or consulting a doctor about some serious liposuction. Not kidding.

During the week leading up to the 5k I was trying to come up with a new plan for after the race. I need structure. I thrive off of a routine and a plan! There are 231805430953580059034529 different programs out there and people that swear “this is the best thing ever.”

Here’s the deal… I know what to eat. I know how to workout. I just need some kind of general plan as to how I’m going to do those things and I would LOVE to not spend $$$ at this point. I have so much to lose and I know I will hit a sticking point after I lose some of the weight. At that point I will look into something that might cost but right now I just need something free and simple.

Here’s what I decided on. It’s 100% free and gives you everything from specific workouts to do, to a general meal plan, to recipe ideas/food list. Bodybuilding.com has tons of these programs! There is also an app you can download that lets you pull up the workouts & track everything.

It is a 12 week program, and at first I thought “TWELVE weeks. Yeah. No.” But I’m in this for the long haul…as in as long as it takes to get back in shape and be healthy-haul. So why not? I will be going a short trip to Haiti this summer and probably 1 other vacation so I know there will be some weeks that are better than others. But it’s a goal…something to strive for…exactly what I needed.

I think the scariest thing about a 12 week commitment is the opportunity to fail.

THIS was the reminder I had to share…

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 9.46.34 PM

I will fail at times. We all do. I will have “bad days”…maybe even “bad weeks.”

Moments where I lose sight of what matters mosts.

Moments where I allow the lies to fill my head and control my actions.

Moments where I sit down and have the “it’s not fair that it is this hard for me while 13901832108 other women can eat McDonalds every day and look like a freakin VS model.” <-seriously. It’s annoying.

But I will always get back up. Tomorrow can always be better than today. Because after those moments of “failure,” that’s where you learn. That’s where you grow.

I’ve said it before but I just love the first day of the month. There is something so refreshing about a new month!

May 1st leaves 244 days left in this year.


That’s a whole lot of days! This year can still be a life changing year.

How will you be better in May? What are somethings you want to change from April?


There is no better day than the first day of the month to get started!


It’s True.

Ever True. 


It’s been just over one year since I started this blog. If you have been reading since the beginning you know that part of the purpose was to share my weight loss journey after gaining around 60 lbs with my first pregnancy. It was such an encouragement to me and great accountability to know other people were following my story. It made it more difficult to eat the late night bowl of ice cream or skip the work out knowing that there were people (a few at least 😉 ) that were keeping up with  my progress and cheering me on.

Then July rolled around. I had lost around 30 of the 60 lbs and was sticking to my plan to lose the rest. On July 14th I found out I was pregnant. You can read about that here. That was definitely a big pause button when it came to losing weight…obviously. So at the end of said pregnancy there has been another 50 lbs added on to the leftover 30 lbs…80 lbs to lose.

That being said…or written…

As I start this new chapter of losing this baby weight (x2) I was so much more hesitant to share. I’ve spent the few days going back and forth on whether or not I open up and share this part of my “mommyhood.” I really couldn’t figure out where this push back was coming from and why I wasn’t as eager as last time to put it all out there. So many positive things came from my willingness to share last time around. Why not do it again?

Then it hit me (around 3am #lifewithanewborn)

I was afraid. Afraid of failing. Afraid of being honest and afraid of what people might think. If I’m “truthful,” the fear of failing comes from a place of feeling like a failed the last time around.


I know.

I was pregnant and therefore should not have been focusing on losing weight.

Anyone would understand that. You don’t have to try and convince me that it was a wise decision to put a hold on losing weight while pregnant. I know. But I also know that I let history repeat itself in a lot of ways and did not focus on being as healthy as I could while pregnant.

Still all I could hear/focus on where the lies…

“I didn’t accomplish all of my goals last time around. I failed. I probably can’t accomplish them…it’s never going to happen.” 

I was slowly (without even fully realizing it) convincing myself that it was too much, too hard, and I just couldn’t do it.

The determination that was there when I wrote this post, had been replaced with defeat.

I just continued to let those lies get LOUDER & LOUDER.

The moment I knew I was starting to believe the lies:

I looked at another blogger that I have been following for inspiration. She has lost over 100 lbs & looks incredible after having two kids (almost the same distances apart as mine) and I thought,

I’m just not her. I’m just not meant to be in shape. I’ll just be “happy” with myself and be a super fun mom that pretends to be ok with the way I look. I have a 15 month old and a 3 week old…it’s just totally unrealistic for me to try and focus on anything other than them right now.

More lies.

So I had a choice…by this point it was now about 3:30am…

Believe the lies and give up.

Or recognize them for what they are…lies…open up, be vulnerable and move forward.

As I thought about my choices I thought about how it felt to lose the first 10lbs last year, or the moment of crossing the finish line of my first (post-baby) 5k. I thought of all the messages/comments from people saying “you wrote what I was feeling.” or “you inspired me to _____” or “I’m so glad to know I’m not the only one!”

Why can’t I do it again? Why can’t I feel confident and most importantly healthy? Why can’t I make it a priority to do whatever it takes to have energy, feel good and be able to keep up with these two little boys?

I can’t if I believe the lies. It would be impossible. If I focus on all the reasons and negativity that would love to take residence in my head then I can’t.

So my choice?

To do whatever it takes to-DAILY-ignore those lies and be the best me that I can be. To accomplish goals I set for myself and to make myself a priority so that I can not only be around for a long time but feel good!


This concept is true in any area of life. No just with losing weight and getting healthy. We have to be able to recognize the lies that are holding us back from all we can be and shut out the negativity that is stopping us from reaching our full potential.

What is that you so desperately want to accomplish but have given up because of the lies that you have been listening to?

There is still just over 9 months left in 2014. This can still be “your year” or “the year things changed.” But YOU decide whether or not that happens.

I know this will be a slow process. I can’t work out until Friday (can you tell I’m counting down the days). More than losing weight right now (I definitely want to but I know it will be difficult while I’m not getting much sleep and breastfeeding) I want to feel good. It is amazing how much better you can feel when you eat healthy foods. I know that I will have good days and not so good days. But that’s all apart of the journey & I’m not wasting anymore time listening to lies.




Its True…

Ever True.


**If you would like to follow along as I post updates on how this process is going you can enter your email address on the side -> and get emails when I post new blogs. I probably won’t be sharing each post through social media so it’s a great way to keep up. It won’t all be rainbows and butterflies but it will be real and truthful!


A little bit of everything:

This month as been all about getting adjusted (as much as possible) to life with two kids. So far the transition has been tough but not impossible. Honestly, there have been a lot less tears that I thought there would be!

(and I’m talking about from me 🙂 )

BUT that probably because my amazing husband has had the last weeks off. I can’t put into words how grateful I am for this man. He is THE BEST dad and husband! He is constantly asking me what he can do to help and taking initiative when he sees a way he can be helpful. There have been several mornings where he sneaks out of the room to get Truett up, feed him breakfast and play with him…all so I can sleep. He has been single handedly running our house and has done it with a smile.

He has

encouraged me

listened to me,

and most of all loved me through my good moments and just plain exhausted/hormonal moments.

But he has been that amazing from the beginning…


Daddy & Truett almost a year ago!

IMG_9132 2

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

I don’t know what I would do without him!!

After we got home from the hospital we had a little Dr. Seuss celebration in honor of Dr. Seuss’ birthday at the beginning of the month (yes, I majored in Elementary Education so things like this are ingrained in my DNA 😉 )

T1 T2

T1&T2 T1 & T2

reading w daddy (dr.seuss)T2 & books

I love my little “Thing 1 & Thing 2” & I love taking pictures of them! It’s hard to get many of them “together” but I can usually grab a few while they are in the same area. If they get too close then Truett tries to give Everett kisses…which involves him grabbing his face and pull it toward him (very forcefully). Needless to say we try to supervise their “quality time” very closely.

Speaking of pictures, as much as I love taking their pictures I have always cherished Truett’s newborn pictures and wanted to make sure that this season was documented in Everett’s life too!

Last Monday we had our newborn pictures with Karen Crabb Photography (look her up on FB) and I am counting down the days until I get to see all of the shots. She was wonderful, patient and affordable!

Here are a few teasers (that I got an hour after we were done!)




Of course we cannot forget St. Patrick’s Day!! This day is extra special to us because it’s the day (2 years ago) we found out we were having our 1st baby. Our lives haven’t been the same since…


Two years later…time flies when you’re having fun!

I wrote all about it last year here.


IMG_1176 IMG_1134

pic m sp daypic m st p day (e)

So far March is going well!

Not pictured are the long nights, constantly full diaper genie and the moments of toddler meltdowns because someone is very used to getting all the attention.

But I wouldn’t change any of it because it means that these two little boys are mine…forever.

It’s True,

Ever True…


**P.S. Today started healthy eating to get rid of this “baby weight.” We have had yummy meals for the last two weeks from our amazing friends and now it’s time to buckle down. Stay tuned for more details about that.

February 27th, 2014

So here is a little “Flashback Friday” to a week ago (yesterday). Which is so many ways feels like months ago and at the same time it feels like just yesterday.

Many of you have asked about “the story” of the day, the day that became Everett Jeremiah’s birthday.

Here it is:

**Disclaimer** Bringing a child into the world is an amazing, selfless thing and everyone is entitle to their opinions/preferences when it comes to the process of doing so. That being said, please do not make any comments about said opinions or preferences in regards to my story. It’s sad to feel like you can’t share an amazing moment in fear of people questioning you or making you feel less than. I’ve decide to be honest and “truthful” about my story. It’s my story, it’s the day that my second son come into the world and it won’t be tainted but other peoples opinions. *End of rant* 😉

So I was 38 weeks and 4 days.

Wednesday night after C3 Students Barry was explaining that I was going to be induced the following Thursday (March 6th), if the baby didn’t come before then. He said “ideally I will be here next week and then we will have our baby next Thursday.” I jokingly said, “Ideally this baby is coming TONIGHT.” While he did not arrive that night, the process started…

11:50(ish)pm- I woke up from a dead sleep and set straight up. I thought I was peeing myself. (I know super classy & glamorous description but I’m sleep deprived & can’t think of a better way to put it)

I jumped out of bed because all I could think about was my very comfortable, very nice mattress. I woke Barry up saying:

“Babe! Babe! I think my water is breaking!”

He set straight up & his response was

“What am I suppose do? What can I do? What should we do?” 

Needless to say it took both of us a few minutes to process what was happening. We got everything covered at home. A huge thank you to my wonderful sister and awesome babysitter that watched Truett during my sisters midterm on Thursday morning. Nerves were definitely getting the best of me and I had a few close to panic attack moments but as soon as I knew the little guy (soon to be big brother) was taken care of, I started to feel much better!

1:15am-We got to the hospital and while I had a few real contractions, I knew I wasn’t really having them the way I should. They monitored me for a few hours and then started the Pitocin because while my water did brake…I wasn’t really having any contractions.

Around 5am-The Pitocin kicked in & the contractions came like a mack truck!! The epidural promptly followed…I’m not a fan of pain!

8:30am – I was officially half way there…

There was a point mid-morning where things got a little scary and there were concerned about his heart rate during the contractions. They decided to stop the Pitocin and wanted to see if I would have contractions on my own. All I could think was…

“my body doesn’t know how to this…”

With my last pregnancy I was induced at 41 weeks and never had a single contraction on my own. I began coming to terms with having a c-section. (No issue what ever with c-sections. I’m just a SUPER big baby and the thought of being cut open terrifies me!)

I had come so far and what I wanted was so close but it felt like it was slipping away.

Very quickly we realized I was having contractions on my own! 

After about about 30-45 minutes of pushing…

Perfection was placed in my arms.

edited 2.27 (2)

All of the…



and anticipation…

came down to this moment.

I held this perfect baby boy in my arms.

edited 2.27 (3)

No test had been run.

No one told me “Your son is completely healthy.”

But it didn’t matter. He was mine.

edited 2.27 (4)

God gave him to me at 1:11pm on February 27th & I will forever be grateful.

For those of you that having kept Everett in your prayers, thank you so very much. As of now he is completely healthy and growing quickly! He will be a little chunkster in no time, I’m sure.

It’s crazy how a on completely normal day, just like any other…

time stops for just a second and you are changed forever.

edited 2.27 (7)

When I think of February 27th I think of one word.


I am so undeserving.

I dont deserve another beautiful baby boy.

edited 2.27 (5)

edited 2.27 (9)

(His big brother taught him this face!)

But I don’t deserve any the amazing blessings in my life and I will always thank God for choosing me.

edited 2.27 (6)

edited 2.27 (8)


It’s True.

…Ever True. 

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone that has been checking on us, feeding us and praying for us. While this has been a big transition and that little bundle of perfection didn’t like this world very much the first few days 🙂 (and he had the lungs to communicate his “dislike”)…

We are adjusting well and getting used to functioning on very little sleep. We are so very loved and so very blessed!