Truett James: 10 weeks old

What’s New with Baby True:

Month 2 has been so much fun! I feel like I say that each week but it really is so fun to watch him grow and discover. His little personality is coming out more and more.

Now when Barry gets home from work he gets so excited to see him. He’ll kick his feet and smile and start talking (in his own little way)! I can really tell that he recognizes our voices!

He still makes his crazy faces:

3 wks old20130208-103531.jpg

9 wks old20130208-103605.jpg

Soooo close to laughing & loves to smile! He has been to church twice now  & I can tell he loves it 😉


Thankfully he will tolerate the carseat and knocks out…as long as it is moving.


But car rides get fun when there is a long red light and he becomes quite vocal on walks if Harlie (our pup) has to stop and poop! But his cries can usually be soothed with a little Adele and if that doesn’t work…he is a HUGE Tay Tay fan. Seriously! I’m going to record it one of these days…he’ll be screaming bloody murder but if I can put Taylor Swift on my phone or the radio he stops.Yes, we have a drama king on our hands. Don’t know where he gets that from!?!? 😉

Still trying to figure out how he feels about bath time…4photo but he feels pretty tough in his robe.

True weighed 12lbs and was 23 inches long at his 2 month appointment.


He can’t wear any of his 3 month old sleepers anymore and all of his newborn stuff is out of the question. So I’ve spent the last week packing it up to save it for the far off day when maybe there is a baby brother that could use them. 🙂

Most peoples first response when they meet him is “Oh my gosh…he looks just like his Daddy!” I say this to myself at least 5 times a day.

6photo 7photo

He does. Thankfully he has one handsome daddy!!

*But I would like to point out that he got his hair from his mommy 🙂 61097_1416308563647_5547888_n

A not so fun “True event” was the poop explosion that occurred this week. Think runny poop alllllllll the way up his back to his shoulders. Yeah! Fun.

We are loving every minute with our baby boy & truly can’t get enough of him. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t feel so unworthy of this amazing blessing God has given us.

It’s True.


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