Setting Those Goals

*****Its the end of week 4*****

If you missed any of the previous post about my weight loss journey here are some links:

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Week 4 has been awesome!!

I feel like I am finally getting into a routine and a grove when it comes to this new lifestyle of eating healthy and exercising. This is the first time EVER that I don’t find myself dreaming of the cheat day or discouraged when I think about “living this way forever.” I am working hard and getting serious but I have tried my best to be realistic. I want this to be my forever & not my “until summer gets here”  “until I lose 30 lbs” or “until I can’t do it anymore & I quit.” More than wanting to lose weight, be “fit”, or feel comfortable and confident in my own skin…I want to be HEALTHY. I want to be able to keep up with my little man.

BTW ~sidenote~ True is growing like a weed! He is now 3 months old (I’ll be posting an update next week with tons of adorable pics) and I can tell he is dying to get moving. If he isn’t eating or sleeping he wants to be kicking, standing, bouncing…moving…all ways!

I want to teach my son the importance of what you put in your body and how you take care of it.

SO back to this week….first I have to announce something VERY important.


I accomplished my first goal. I actually worked out 5 days this week!! After three weeks of working out 3-4 days, I was really wanting to accomplish this goal. Now I know that I can!

It probably sounded silly last week when I listed this as a goal. Its not a HUGE accomplishment but it was something that I wanted to do and I knew that making it a goal was not only motivating but it would also be SOOO exciting once I accomplished it. So exciting that it leads to a little photo shoot 🙂

I’ve learned one of the most important things you can do is set goals for yourself & then “celebrate the little victories.” Set goals that are reasonable, achievable and that excite you.

I have long term goals:

  • completing my 4th sprint TRI
  • loosing 45 lbs
  • having some freaking Jillian Michael arms  (I plan on doing her 30 day shred after I loose the first 20 lbs)
  • doing some sort of detox probably involving juicing after I’m done nursing

But if I set any of those goals as a “weekly goal” I would be disappointed  week after week & probably end up giving up.

I also accomplished my other two goals by eating more greens and doing a strength/weight workout twice this last week.

Total miles for the week:

15.97 Whoohoooo

I am going to be signing up for my first race soon. I need another goal 😉 Probably just a 5k to start with. I know from experience that there is just something about forking over that $ and participating in a actual race is so motivating for me.

I really want to start biking again but I no longer have my Wal-Mart hybrid MENS bike (true story…don’t recommend it) I used in my TRIs. We were planning on taking some of our tax return to buy a bike for me but what we did with the $ was much more important!

We paid off all our debt except for my car and our student loans! YAYAYAYAY!  It felt great and while I want a bike I know this a wiser decision & was what we were suppose to do!

This weeks goals

1.Workout 5 days

It’s ok to have the same goals for multiple weeks! Because just one week of working out for 5 days is pretty good but several weeks…that’s just stinking AWESOME!

2. Juice at least twice

I don’t feel comfortable juicing as a meal substitute while nursing but I think its a great thing to do in between meals. I honestly just don’t make time for it and hate the clean up….I can be  pretty lazy 🙂

3. Do 2 core workouts

Having a baby…or carrying a baby for almost 10 months…totally kills your abs. I honestly try to avoid ab or core workouts because I get ticked when I’m reminded how weak my core now is. Time to “suck it up buttercup.” Nothings going to change without some action.

This is a off the books goal that I would challenge anyone reading this post to try to do this week.


I have been reminded of the power of  “dreaming.” So often I feel like

“I will never be able to ______”

“I could never _______”

but when I let myself dream of those things that seem impossible that seem much more achievable. It’s important to dream in EVERY area of life but especially when it comes to your physical ability. Don’t be the person that sets limitations for yourself…dream!

You can get healthy.

You can workout…and even enjoy it.

You can feel confident & proud.

For those of you that don’t believe me…I’m determined to prove it to you. But I would love to do this together! It”s March. It’s not too late to follow through with those New Years resolutions. Thank you so much to everyone that has been messaging me, commenting and emailing with your stories of “celebrating the little victories.”

2012-11-15 14.04.38

It’s True.


***Almost forgot*** I’ve lost another pound & a half. So I’ve lost 9.5 lbs!!! So close to the big 10 🙂


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