Truett James: 3 months


3 months old with his favorite bear!

I remember hearing people say things like “cherish every moment because time flies by” or “they grow up so fast.” I would roll my eyes and think not if its any like this pregnancy (I honestly felt like I was pregnant for 2 years).

But BOY were they right. There is not a day that goes by where I don’t think:

“What happen to my newborn that would lay in my arms for hours?”

Now I have a 3 month old little man that wants to stand , kick, roll, babble your ear off…do anything but just lay in my arms.
As sad as it is to think about how quickly time is passing…mainly because I know that no matter how much I beg & plea, time will not slow down…I’m loving every minute of Truett discovering, growing and becoming his own little man.

So What’s New with Baby True?


Well I mean I guess that’s what it is when your baby is trying to gnaw on his paci and chew on his hand all at the same time.

I can see that his gums are a little bit lighter where the bottom two teeth will eventually poke through but I’ve heard the “fun” can go on for quite sometime!


Within the last two weeks Truett has started to roll over from belly to back. This is driven by his strong dislike for “tummy time.” 🙂


He has also started to focus on things & grab them. He gets super excited when he finally grabs on to something.


T man is no longer being swaddled…partially due to his need to suck on his hand (yes entire hand). But he is still sleeping 8-9 hours at night…so we don’t mind!

**Although he looks way to grown when he isn’t swaddled**


He loves his “bumbo”…


until he gets mad because he can’t the bright stuff in his mouth 🙂


Just ’cause he looks adorable in his little button up!


One of Truett’s favorite things to do…STAND UP!


He LOVED his first Valentines Day!


“Hey! What are those things?!!?”


One day I’ll get those toes!

Truett’s favorite things:

  • Playing on his activity mat (on his back of course)
  • Looking at himself in the mirror. We’ve actually put one of the backseat/headrest mirrors in the car and it makes the carseat tolerable most days. THANK GOD because I’ve had about all I can take of TAY TAY SWIFT! 🙂
  • Watching Baby Einsteins or Sesame Street…for those of you crazy peeps….no I dont let him watch a ton of TV so back up off…
  • Sucking on his ENTIRE hand
  • Talking…this kid will “baby talk” your ear off. He especially gets excited when you sing to him.                                                                   I like to think he tries to sing back 😉

A few days ago he actually laughed!!! Most the time when we tickle him he will grunt and give you a “what the junk is that” face. But he has recently started to give a few laughs…when he feels like it.


If you would have asked me a couple weeks ago… I really didn’t think I could love this crazy boy anymore…

but every single day I fall more in love with this little piece of heaven that God has entrusted us with.


It’s True.

-Tomorrow I’ll be posting a weight loss update! BIG THINGS HAPPENING…can’t wait to share 🙂


3 thoughts on “Truett James: 3 months

  1. wedandwanderlust says:

    Loving those socks he’s rocking in his Bumbo! 😉 Can’t get over how quickly he’s growing and how much he’s changing! He’s such a cutie! Personally, I feel like he’s looking more and more like the perfect mix of you two and not just his daddy! May can’t come soon enough! 🙂

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