30 Days

People say “It takes 30 days to form a habit.”

I have learned this first hand in the last month. Last Thursday marked one month since I started this weight loss journey and I can honestly say this new lifestyle has become a habit. That does not mean it is easy or that I don’t still make mistakes but somethings have truly just become habit,

Eating breakfast…habit.

Making exercising a priority…habit.

Only drinking water…habit.

This doesn’t mean that I do not still have moments where I would love some freaking SWEET TEA!

or would rather do anything BUT workout.

But most of the time it feels almost like second nature. For example:

When I don’t exercise I feel…off all day long.

I automatically choose water without really thinking about it.

I have talked to so many people, since sharing my first post about weight loss on February 7th, that have said “I try and then quit” or “I just can’t give up _________.”

I get it.

I truly do but I also know what it is to stay committed and officially be down….drum roll please

**********ELEVEN & A HALF POUNDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Double digits baby***********

I haven’t done everything right and I still make mistakes BUT overall in the last month my thinking has changed more than anything.

The saying “eat to live not live to eat” comes to mind. I had to step back and really do some evaluating…losing weight is not just about what you put in your mouth but what you put in your HEAD.

In this evaluation I realized TWO things:

1. I can get WAY to excited about FOOD. I know some of you know this feeling. Food can be something I get excited about, dream of, almost live for. The count down until the cheat day. The anger that can arise when I have to sit and watch someone else eat mash potatoes while I pretend my asparagus are french fries….put enough sea salt on them and you can almost taste it…almost.

2. I often eat when I’m bored. I can think “I’m hungry” and almost every time I realize I’m just bored. My mother used to always say “boredom is a state of mind.” <<< TRUE STORY! Snacking can happen just because I want something to do.

So I evaluated & learned somethings about myself…now what?

Here’s how I’m working to fix it…

1. Find other things that are exciting and focus on those things.

~Working out can be exciting. I am competitive and love to see my progress week after week.
SIDENOTE: I ran my first mile last week…without stopping that is. The whole time I kept thinking “I will do this.” “I might die…but I’ll do this…and then I’ll blog about doing it” 😉
~Blogging, reading blogs, and learning more about health and fitness is exciting to me.

~Looking up healthy/dairy free (yes still going strong & even though it is hard some most days…it is really helping the little guy) recipes and making things that are nutritional for my family is exciting.

~Enjoying the process of getting ready for the day (not there yet…but the thought is exciting…I know from past experience 🙂 ).

But the most exciting thing is seeing progress!

2. When I think I’m hungry first I drink a full glass of water- a lot of times hunger is really just dehydration, then I try to do something else for 30 minutes. If I’m still hungry I will eat a healthy snack. Having healthy snacks handy is very important! If you are truly hungry and there isn’t anything healthy available the next thing you know a whole box of Nutter Butters is taken out…I don’t recommend having those in your house to begin with but that’s a-whole-nother blog.

It is so important to step back & really look at the areas you need to work on or personally struggle with. These are two things I noticed in the last month that influence how I view food.

I think this is worth repeating….

Losing weight is not just about what you put in your mouth but what you put in your HEAD.

That comes from a real girl who is trying to get rid of the “big status” 😉 & it’s something I am reminded of daily.

This last month has been an eye opening, life changing journey and I thank you so much for being apart of it because you are truly a HUGE source of motivation and I LOVE all the comments, FB messages, and text messages that I now get about other people’s journey.

SUPER EXCITING NEWS! My blog was featured over at Stage of Life- Health & Wellness Resources! Big thanks to Joyous Darling for letting me know 🙂

I have been asked several times this last month what I would “start with.” Getting healthy can be overwhelming and seem impossible…this is where baby steps come in to play. Start by setting short term goals.

The first thing I would reccommend (just a fellow big girl trying to get healthy!) is to only drink waterand drink A LOT of it. For the first two-three weeks of this journey I was literally carrying around a gallon of water. I knew that I wouldn’t take the time to refill bottles so this was my way of eliminating an excuse…and it became a little personal competition! I honestly think I’m going to go back to that because although I only drink water, I don’t drink enough. Obviously juicing veggies and a little fruit is totally different. I’m talking about sweet tea (LOVE IT), soda, apple juice etc. I know cutting out caffine may take time but start the process of getting off that stuff & quick. It’s crazy when you use things like the myfitnesspal app & see the amount of calories, carbs, SUGAR, fat etc. that is in some of the things we drink.

The second thing I would recommend is to move. If you get home from a long day and feel exhausted…go walk for 30 minutes. If the baby is fussy and a nap just isn’t happening…stick them in the stroller, play some music and walk. I know it sounds silly but it will make a huge difference & will actually give you energy. Every time you sit in front of the TV ask yourself if it is worth the time spent and if you could be doing something to better yourself & your health during that time.

So for my readers that need a starting point…there you go! We’ve still got time left in March…wouldn’t you love to get to the middle of April and see what a difference 30 days can make. Again, I’m no expert and I’m no where near where I will end up but these are things I have found very helpful!

I know this post was more focused on eating/nutrtion/thinking but I promise to give more details about my workouts next time. I’m officially on week 5 of Couch to 5k and LOVE seeing the progress! I promise the days of peeling yourself off the couch 😉 really do pay off!! Don’t quit!! Remember…”It takes 30 days to form a habit!”


Here’s to not only remembering what this feels like but focusing on the fact the this…getting healthy…can be done.

I will get back to this pre-wedding/pre-baby/pre-excuses self…not just get back there but get better.

It’s not about perfect….it’s about effort.

It’s True.


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