The “Luckiest” Day of the Year!

So on this day last year I finally (after about a week of debating) broke down and took a pregnancy test.

Important background info:

We weren’t “trying.” I had a cute little 5(ish) year plan and part of that plan was to finish school, start working, pay off student loans, travel the world etc. THEN have lots of babies and maybe when the lottery….why not?

So while I have ALWAYS wanted to be a “mommy”…seriously that’s what I used to say I was going to be “when I grow up”…I’m also I control freak (God has a sense of humor) and was approaching my final internship for school which involved not getting paid and being in a classroom until the beginning of December.

My honest response: After three tests (don’t judge me I had to be SURE), I start doing the math and realized that my due date would be November.

Insert freak out moment ->here<-.

Then I started thinking about how in the world this would work financially.

Then I started thinking about being responsible for another human being.

THEN I started thinking about actually bringing this child into the world…at this moment Barry’s shoulders looked exceptionally broad.

Then I felt like I was going to vomit.

All the while…my husband was on cloud nine and saying amazingly sweet things about how could not have ever imagine a more wonderful mother for his child…CHILD!!! Holy this is really happening.

Something important to note:

By the end of the day, while I still had 4290498390024 questions as to how this was going to work out….I knew. I knew this would be an amazing! Not easy…somewhat stressful but AMAZING and a journey that I would never…ever regret. I am so thankful for a God that supersedes my little “plans”, knows exactly what we need when we need it and works everything out just the way it is suppose to be.


I literally woke Barry out of a dead sleep because I was sure my eyes were playing tricks on me….then when he CALMLY confirmed there were two lines…I made him go by a different kind 🙂


12 weeks


16 weeks


Sooo another “plan”

We always said we would have a “gender reveal party” to found out the sex of the baby. Things changed when at our 13 WEEK appointment the tech said she could give us “a very good educated guess.” I quickly responded with “No that’s OK. We want have a party, and be sure, and have you write it down and a little sheet of paper…and….and…and.” Meanwhile my husband is giving me that PLEASEEEEE look and sitting on the edge of his seat. So I caved. She said she wouldn’t say anything but just “show us.” My response was “IS THAT A FOOT?” 🙂

We thought maybe we would still have the party as a way to tell everyone else….ha! We started making a list of people on the way home and trying to figure out a date. After 15 minutes, a list of 100+ (no joke…we had over 300 at our wedding) and a date two months out…we both caved. BUT we still wanted to be creative. So we came up with these little brown bags with a pink and blue question mark. Then filled them with pretty much anything sweet that had a blue wrapper! I also colored the “HE” in Hersheys…just in case. Within hours we had told some of our closest friends and family. If you couldn’t tell…NEITHER OF US ARE GOOD AT KEEPING SECRETS! But we did put the little collage above together as a way to tell the FB world…after our 18 week appointment (just to be sure).



Photo credit: Darcy Ruby Photography…look her up! She is awesome 🙂


Darcy Ruby Photography


Darcy Ruby Photography



This was after the tech was pushing on my belly to get him to uncover his face. His little personality started coming out early. He still loves his hands by his face!!


We picked out our little man’s name at 32 weeks, after much back and forth. I have commitment problems…Barry LOVED this name and started suggesting it as soon as we found out it was a boy. Truett is my grandfather’s name and I admire him in so many ways! We also loved how unique it is. Working with children for 5+ years makes you associate most names with a child. Whether good or bad, a name would come up but it make me think of another child I had worked with. We knew we picked a keeper when our pediatrician who has been in the business foreverrrr said “Oh! I have never had a Truett.” We plan on calling him “True” and I must include that my husband and some of his friends have a chant ready for when he makes an amazing sports play. 😉

James is Barry’s middle name and it was so important to me to include this in our sons name. I can only hope he turns out to be just like his daddy!



9 pounds…yes NINE…of sheer perfection!



He is adorable in green…and red…and blue…and orange. Yeah…he’s just plain ADORABLE!

My heart is full and I feel a love that I have never felt before. Every morning when I look at this beautiful little boy I think…

God gave this to me! He is ours…to love, protect, and teach while he is here on earth.

What an incredible privilege that is. Even on the days full of spit up and poop…he ours and we could not be more in love.

It’s True.  


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