Truett James: 4 months

4 months….what?!?!?!

We are LOVING our giggly boy!

Every month I say _______ month has been the most fun! 🙂 I think having this adorable little man in our life is just increasingly fun.

Photo Mar 19, 1 35 27 PM

Photo Mar 19, 8 57 26 PM

Growing up way too fast…SLOW DOWN!!!

Photo Mar 29, 1 23 06 PM

This little monkey will grab anything to play with.


5 Photo Mar 21, 12 49 54 PM

Mommy might be instilling her Giraffe obsession in this little man 🙂


4 Photo Mar 27, 12 57 28 PM

It’s adorable to watch him focus so hard to bring his hands together and then entertain himself by playing with them.

Photo Mar 29, 1 54 05 PM

“Ummmm really bow tie?”

Photo Mar 30, 5 49 28 PM

This is the best Easter basket ever!!


Photo Mar 30, 5 58 02 PM

Photo Mar 30, 6 10 03 PM

Photo Mar 30, 6 08 28 PM

Photo Mar 30, 5 59 48 PM

Well….mostly happy!

Photo Mar 31, 1 07 39 PM

Photo Mar 31, 12 06 41 PM

Easter wore this little man out.

Photo Mar 31, 5 16 40 PM

Guess who is officially eating baby food!!! He wasn’t too sure about it in the beginning but he has become quite the fan.

Everyday True is doing new things and becoming more and more of his own little person!

Bath time & the carseat are growing on him…slowly. B

ut he still HATES the process of getting dressed! Seriously….its dreadful…he better use those lungs to “praise the Lord” one day…

He is soooooo close to rolling over from his back to his belly but if there is one thing we have learned about our little man it is that he does EVERYTHING on his time.

Mommyhood has taught me that even on the exhausting, spit up-filled days when I have more questions than answers, there will be life long memories made and I am loving this season of so many “firsts.”

Not a day goes by where I don’t stop and think…

“This is my life?!?!?! How did I get so lucky!!”
It’s True. 




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