I Run because I CAN.

This morning was my first 5k since having True. I have trained for just over 8 weeks & it has been incredible to see the progress.
When I started running, going for 2 minutes was HARD.

Thursday I ran 3.1!
It was the hardest thing I have ever done…
J/K bringing a 9 lb baby in to this world with an epidural that started to WEAR OFF (another post for another day) will probably forever hold that spot. I hope at least.
But in the moment it felt like it!
I ran slowwww…but i did it!! Just to prove to myself I could do it!
I’m not even going to lie…I felt like I was on an episode of The Biggest Loser. I was dying and wanted to quit so bad but pushed it hard & had the encouragement of a great friend (thanks Monica!). When my garmin showed that I had hit 3 miles I knew I could get there…and when I hit 3.1 I thought I was going to DIE and burst into tears all at the same time. I knew this day would come because I was so determined but the feeling of actually accomplishing this goal was truly overwhelming!!!


There was a snake sighting on our run!

So I was left with a decision. I had my original goal of running the entire thing. You can read more about that here.

But since I ran 3.1 miles on Thursday what would be my new goal for the race?

I wanted to do better! I wanted to improve…try to do it a little faster.

Important fact about me:
I have always been a slow runner. Even when I was in my best shape/training for a triathlon/able to run 5 miles. A 12 minute mile is a good/average pace for me when I’m in good shape!
So when I did 3.1 in 42 mins & 30 secs on Thursday (yeah…not kidding about being SLOW) I really wanted to do this race faster. But I killed myself just to finish Thursday…

So I made an executive decision.

Run majority and let myself have a few walk breaks so that when I was running I could try to run faster.

& this worked!!!
…for the most part.
I ran around a 12 min mile for most of the race and let myself take two 2 min walk breaks and one 1 min walk break. The problem was how slow walked because I was so exhausted. I should have walked faster when I walked but I was seriously trying not to DIE.

I wasn’t planning on taking the last minute walk break but started feeling super dizzy and like I was going to barf all over the beautiful scenery. Honestly, when I stopped to walk I decided there was NO way I could run anymore. Other than the last few yards because you just can walk into the finish line. But then I start thinking about the countless people injured in the recent Boston bombing. Some being men and women that LOVED to run and might not ever be able to do so again.

I decided I would run…BECAUSE I CAN.

I would push through and finish strong because I know that physically I am more than able. Yes, it was hard. Yes, I was in tears. Yes, I wanted to quit. But I CAN run…so I did.

I finished the race right around 41 minutes, which is crazy slow BUT a minute and a half faster than I did it on Thursday (yeah, I’m trying to find the “rainbows” 🙂 ).


  • My incredible husband for training with me and helping me make exercising a priority in our everyday lives. His encouragement has been a game changer for me. It has helped me truly stick with it and made it so much easier than if I was trying to make a lifestyle change on my own. He would run with me after a 12 hour work day or early on a Saturday morning (his only day of the week to sleep…a little longer) and he would even push the jogging stroller! THAT is love! 🙂
  • Monica Hunt!!! One of my BFFs that has been there to encourage me every step of the way. Whether it be walking with me a few weeks after I had True…and I mean walking slow, or coming to my house to run so that I could fit it in between feedings. She stuck with me for the entire race today…even though she could have done it MUCH faster. She stayed with me to encourage me and push me. This is just one of the many examples of what a great friend she is!!!
  • All of my  amazing friends that were texting me through out the morning and encouraging me! You mean the world to me and I could not have done this without you.
  • The wonderful people that take the time to read this blog. You are more motivating then you will ever know & I appreciate you!

Things I would/will do differently:

  1. Not lose my running shoes the night before… seriously….who loses shoes? Because of this I had to wear old shoes and I while it was doable I don’t like the way they make my arches feel.
  2. Don’t wear all cotton! I was wearing a Nike t-shirt and yoga type pants but they all held in the heat…I know better.
  3. Eat a good dinner! I had to work last night and didn’t plan ahead so I had a smoothie for dinner-and I’m not talking about ones filled with green stuff.
  4. Eat something for breakfast! I always eat something for breakfast before a race but while trying to get out the door this morning (sooooo much harder with a little one!!!) I totally forgot to eat any kind of breakfast. I didn’t think it would be a big deal…WRONG!

SIDE NOTE: BIG THANKS TO MY PARENTS for taking care of our munchkin while Barry and I did this race! 

I was feeling the lack of nutrition hardcore!

All in all I finished it & it’s giving me a starting point to build on. I definitely want to better and would love to be in the place where I can run the entire race at a 12 min pace! But everyone’s gotta have goals 😉


The top left picture was our first “Run For The Trees” in 2011!


“Run for the Trees” is a special 5k because it’s the 3rd year I’ve done it. The first year it actually fell on my 21st birthday & the last two years have been within a week from it. Last year I did it about 10 weeks pregnant so I guess you can say Truett did it too. :)So it’s become a little tradition!

The one thing I HATE about this race:


The course is surrounded by beautiful houses & gorgeous nature but you will notice BENEATH the breath taking “purple tree” (I don’t know much about trees) is a dirt road.

There is about half a mile or so at the end of the race where you run on this dirt road.
When you already feel like you are DYING just throw in some loose dirt to run on and that makes it a million times better… NOT!

But I finished! I accomplished a goal and can’t wait to improve on it!!!

“It’s very hard in the beginning to understand that the whole idea is not to beat the other runners. Eventually you learn that the competition is against the little voice inside you that wants you to quit.”

It’s True.


2 thoughts on “I Run because I CAN.

  1. Monica Hunt says:

    Love this and love you! Thanks for the shout out 🙂 I loved running the race together- it was so fun and can’t wait for many more races together!! 🙂 You are awesome and inspiring so many with your words! SO SO proud of to call you BFF!

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