Truett James: 6 months

Although I just realized this blog never posted & it is being published 4 days before this guy turns 7 months…better late than never right?

I spent a majority of May 28th looking at pictures from November 28th.

I cannot believe True is 6 months old!!!???

A little walk down memory lane…

Yeah I made it and I still cry every time I watch it. 🙂

SIDE NOTE-If you are looking for some great photographer’s check out:

Darcy Ruby Photography on Facebook (Darcy did our maternity pictures)

Luna Bella Photography (Rebecca did our newborn pictures)

LOVE both these ladies & the memories they captured for us!!

So “What’s New with Baby True???”

6 months IMG_1670

6 months IMG_1719


This kid has the “flirty eyes” down pat. Yeah…I’m scared.


Crazy haired kid!!


He already knows he has me wrapped around his little finger.

This last month was full of “firsts.”

First airplane ride:



First visit to UNC:



He slept through most of it.


But he did wake up to do some reading…


Ok he really woke up to do some eating.

First pool trip:

6 months IMG_1558


6 months IMG_1578

First time sitting:

6 months IMG_1900

…with a little help. 🙂




Ok…picture overload over.  What can I say…he is pretty much the CUTEST thing ever!!

All of these new things are so exciting! I love watching Truett learn & explore. He truly is becoming a little man! I finally feel like I am getting the hang of this whole mommy thing. Well most days. “Getting the hang” meaning I have an extra stock of diapers/wipes in the car and I have become pretty good at dodging spit up. But there are still many days when I feel stumped. Barry & I constantly joke with Truett that he got the “rookie” parents. 🙂 No matter what, I know that I love this little man with all my heart, strive to be the best mommy possible & couldn’t be more thankful for my little family.

It’s True. 


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