Truett’s Big Announcement

First off I must apologize for my lack of blogging! After this post I think you will understand…

Although I haven’t post the “monthly updates” about our little True (yeah I am the worst mom ever & one day he will hate me because month 7 & 8 are missing from what is suppose to be an running record of all things Truett…). I HAVE been trying to soak in every minute and take lots of pictures and really be present…& I have definitely had my hands full.

What’s New With Baby True:

Truett James is 8 months old and ALL over the place!

new 2photonew 4 photonew photo

He pulls up on everything, loves to climb…and take years off my life.


But he usually looks back to check on me and make sure I know, he’s got this.

I have NO idea where he gets his confidence from…

All of that to say this guy has a BIG announcement!


This was Truett’s face when we told him…




“You are kidding right??”


“You’re not kidding???”

new 6 photo

“You’re REALLY not kidding…”

7 photo


8 photo

“I can’t wait to teach him or her everything I know.”


“Can I borrow that super shiny picture for just a minute?”

new 9 photo

So thank you for being patient while I have been M.I.A.

Like I said, I have definitely had my hands full with my busy little guy PLUS feeling like death most days.

Your prayers are appreciated! 🙂

Answers to FAQ:

I am 10 weeks. 

No, we are not crazy.

16 months apart. 

Yes, we know we will have two children under the age of 2. 

We don’t plan anything…& when we do God usually shows us he has other plans. 

We could not be more excited to have another baby & CANNOT wait to meet him or her. 

Yes, we want a big family & this will probably not be our last. 

We might be a little crazy…

10 photo

It’s True. 


5 thoughts on “Truett’s Big Announcement

  1. wedandwanderlust says:

    GIRL GIRL GIRL…This is me officially sending my baby girl juju! 😉 It’s already worked once, so I’m hoping it will work again! Love you much my DM and I’m so very excited about your growing family! What a loving and blessed home this little one will be welcomed to! 🙂

  2. Julia Lang says:

    You are not crazy! Kids close together will be tough at first, but then get soooo much easier!!!! We are experiencing the differences between having 2 close together, then another one woth an age gap, and I prefer close! !! Congratulations! So happy for you two!!

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