Pink or Blue. Which Team Are You?

So what is our sweet little #2ndbabyoser (you can check out this hashtag for IG post about this growing little one).

We decide to have a party this time around to tell everyone what we were having. Our plan was to find out at our ultrasound yesterday and then just use the party to tell everyone else.

Then, the pregnant lady decided to change things up and beg her husband to wait and find out at the party with everyone! Thankfully said pregnant lady has an AMAZING husband that is kind and patient. 🙂

So tonight we a little party to celebrate this 2nd baby and celebrate finally being able to stop saying “it.”

Big Brother

This big brother is SUPER excited!

Here are some of the party decorations:

Gender Reveal Wreath

Gender Reveal food

vote here picture

This picture was taken just a few minutes after the party started but “Team Pink” got the most votes hands down!!

gender reveal cake

The ladies in the Publix bakery were the first to know. They were SO helpful & the cake was delish!

family pic (GR)

Our family…not much longer and I’ll be holding a little one too for our family pics!

So which team won?? Team Pink or Team Blue?


It's A Boy


We could not possibly be happier that we will be blessed with another sweet little boy!

I can’t wait to meet HIM and love being able to say that 🙂

Truett is going to have a baby brother!

It’s True. 


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