Because He’s 1…

So I’m sure you heard…my baby turned 1 whole year old last week. We have been celebrating for weeks (seriously). But it’s been a bittersweet time for me. I LOVE watching him grow but as any mommy would tell you, it’s hard. It’s hard to realize your baby is growing up…

and fast. 

So I sat down and looked through all of our old videos and decided I wanted to make something out of them.

DISCLAIMER: I am in no way a video producer! While this did take me hours (sad…I know), these are just some of my favorite moments captured on video and put to music that makes you want to cry. You are welcome! 🙂

So here it is year #1:

It’s hard to believe this time last year this guy was fitting inside his stocking for his newborn photo shoot with Luna Bella Photography…. DSC_0119

and now he is climbing all over the place and talking up a storm.

T Xmas 2013 (2)

Time flies when you are having fun!!

It’s True.


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