My Little Valentine

So life has been crazy as we get ready for Everett Jeremiah to finally make his arrival (24 days until my due date!!). Therefore blogging has taken a backseat but I will try to be better in the coming months. Lots of emphasis on TRY considering the fact that my whole world is about to change…for the better…but still I may need sometime to get my footing.

I dont have anything profound to write but I do want to share some of my favorites from our “valentines day photo shoot” that we did. If you know me you know that I go a little over board with pictures when it comes to holidays. 😁
Yeahhhh. Sorry. Not sorry. My kid is just too cute not to go overboard.
All I could think about this time around was soon I’ll have two adorable little men to photograph!!! I c.a.n.n.o.t. wait…

for real little man whenever your ready!!
So here are the pictures:

silly face & hearts banner

Big smile hearts banner



Crying face



Love blocks

blue heart


smile w blocks in the background

that face




all done

He let us know when he was all done wearing that tie 🙂

I hope everyone has an amazing day & couldn’t be more thankful that my Valentine shows me he loves me every single day!


Flashback to one of my favorites from our engagement pictures.

My random “just because flowers,” and the days he wakes up extra early to make us breakfast or clean the kitchen  but most of ending every day with sweet words of encouragement & starting each morning with “I love you.” Those are the things that I love most about my Valentine…

well those things and the fact that he has given me two little Valentines!! 

Barry, I love doing life with you and cannot imagine having anyone else by my side! I love you today & every day! 

It’s True. 





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