February 27th, 2014

So here is a little “Flashback Friday” to a week ago (yesterday). Which is so many ways feels like months ago and at the same time it feels like just yesterday.

Many of you have asked about “the story” of the day, the day that became Everett Jeremiah’s birthday.

Here it is:

**Disclaimer** Bringing a child into the world is an amazing, selfless thing and everyone is entitle to their opinions/preferences when it comes to the process of doing so. That being said, please do not make any comments about said opinions or preferences in regards to my story. It’s sad to feel like you can’t share an amazing moment in fear of people questioning you or making you feel less than. I’ve decide to be honest and “truthful” about my story. It’s my story, it’s the day that my second son come into the world and it won’t be tainted but other peoples opinions. *End of rant* 😉

So I was 38 weeks and 4 days.

Wednesday night after C3 Students Barry was explaining that I was going to be induced the following Thursday (March 6th), if the baby didn’t come before then. He said “ideally I will be here next week and then we will have our baby next Thursday.” I jokingly said, “Ideally this baby is coming TONIGHT.” While he did not arrive that night, the process started…

11:50(ish)pm- I woke up from a dead sleep and set straight up. I thought I was peeing myself. (I know super classy & glamorous description but I’m sleep deprived & can’t think of a better way to put it)

I jumped out of bed because all I could think about was my very comfortable, very nice mattress. I woke Barry up saying:

“Babe! Babe! I think my water is breaking!”

He set straight up & his response was

“What am I suppose do? What can I do? What should we do?” 

Needless to say it took both of us a few minutes to process what was happening. We got everything covered at home. A huge thank you to my wonderful sister and awesome babysitter that watched Truett during my sisters midterm on Thursday morning. Nerves were definitely getting the best of me and I had a few close to panic attack moments but as soon as I knew the little guy (soon to be big brother) was taken care of, I started to feel much better!

1:15am-We got to the hospital and while I had a few real contractions, I knew I wasn’t really having them the way I should. They monitored me for a few hours and then started the Pitocin because while my water did brake…I wasn’t really having any contractions.

Around 5am-The Pitocin kicked in & the contractions came like a mack truck!! The epidural promptly followed…I’m not a fan of pain!

8:30am – I was officially half way there…

There was a point mid-morning where things got a little scary and there were concerned about his heart rate during the contractions. They decided to stop the Pitocin and wanted to see if I would have contractions on my own. All I could think was…

“my body doesn’t know how to this…”

With my last pregnancy I was induced at 41 weeks and never had a single contraction on my own. I began coming to terms with having a c-section. (No issue what ever with c-sections. I’m just a SUPER big baby and the thought of being cut open terrifies me!)

I had come so far and what I wanted was so close but it felt like it was slipping away.

Very quickly we realized I was having contractions on my own! 

After about about 30-45 minutes of pushing…

Perfection was placed in my arms.

edited 2.27 (2)

All of the…



and anticipation…

came down to this moment.

I held this perfect baby boy in my arms.

edited 2.27 (3)

No test had been run.

No one told me “Your son is completely healthy.”

But it didn’t matter. He was mine.

edited 2.27 (4)

God gave him to me at 1:11pm on February 27th & I will forever be grateful.

For those of you that having kept Everett in your prayers, thank you so very much. As of now he is completely healthy and growing quickly! He will be a little chunkster in no time, I’m sure.

It’s crazy how a on completely normal day, just like any other…

time stops for just a second and you are changed forever.

edited 2.27 (7)

When I think of February 27th I think of one word.


I am so undeserving.

I dont deserve another beautiful baby boy.

edited 2.27 (5)

edited 2.27 (9)

(His big brother taught him this face!)

But I don’t deserve any the amazing blessings in my life and I will always thank God for choosing me.

edited 2.27 (6)

edited 2.27 (8)


It’s True.

…Ever True. 

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone that has been checking on us, feeding us and praying for us. While this has been a big transition and that little bundle of perfection didn’t like this world very much the first few days 🙂 (and he had the lungs to communicate his “dislike”)…

We are adjusting well and getting used to functioning on very little sleep. We are so very loved and so very blessed!


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