In honor of Valentines Day, I’ve decided to go back to something I love…blogging.

Since everyone has been focused on “love” this weekend I want to share a story. It’s a story about a homemade t-shirt, a movement and a choice… & they are all centered around: LOVE

If you are a part of the C3 Family then you have seen our “LOVE WINS” shirts (and if not you have probably still seen them because I wear them all the time)


It is one of my favorite shirts! But not because of the cool font or even the catchy phrase. 

This shirt represents a story…

There was day when tear-stained hands placed fabric letters on an old t-shirt.

When the pain and the loss was so great it couldn’t even really be explained.

When almost everyone that had the title of “friend” was now forming groups to gossip and lie. They were determined to do anything they could to make sure church stayed their familiar country club clique where outsiders were not welcome.

People that used to surround our dinner table, were now relentless in their malicious pursuit to stop this “crazy” movement. They want to put an end to the idea/movement that church could actually connect the community with Christ and be Jesus to those in our city.

The story of C3 Church is an amazing one and thankfully many of those in the C3 family today did not have to experience the battle that took place to start such a movement.

It was brutal.

The ugliest side of those that called themselves “Christians” was on display and the hate was almost suffocating.

“Let those people find somewhere else to go. Those tattoo covered, shorts wearing…lost… people find some other church. This is MY church…and I like it just the way it is.”

The fear of the unknown and the love of traditions triumphed anything the bible had to say.

That is why the reminder was needed. This is why the choice had to be made. A choice to choose LOVE over hate. 

There was no way to know then, that choice would be the starting point of a movement. That thousands of shirts would be made based off the inspiration of this little homemade shirt.


An article about the launch of C3 church in Regal Cinemas included a picture of my mom sporting her homemade LOVE WINS shirt.

My mom is truly one of the strongest women I know!  As a 10th grade high school student walking through what felt like my world ending, I knew I had a choice. I was so tempted to be filled with hate. 

As she stuck those letters on that shirt and wore it as a declaration…I made my choice.

LOVE always WINS.

Every time I see sometime wearing “C3 Apparel” I smile. But as I said before, this shirt is probably my favorite. It is my reminder.


My reminder of God’s grace.

His closeness.

His promise.

My reminder that one persons choice to not quit, to stand and to hold tight to truth…can truly change everything. The choice to stand up for those you haven’t event met yet no matter what the cost. 

It was worth every tear. Every loss. Every single moment of why…

They are worth it.




2012-08-26 16.40.33





But it wasn’t just for “them.” Like I mentioned, it impacted me and my choice at a young age. No one knew then, but one day my little guys would not only be wearing cute LOVE WINS shirts…

V Day T & E 2015

But they would also grow up in a home that believes:

E V Day 2015


No matter what you may be facing HIS LOVE…the one true love….has the potential to change you. It may not change your situation or your surroundings, but it will change you. 

Make the choice to stand out. Choose to be an example and let light shine through you.

You never know who you will impact. Because it was just a little homemade shirt that turned into to something spreading far beyond the walls of our church.

2012-04-28 10.45.23




2012-11-03 09.52.01




I’m so very thankful for a mom that had the courage to be an example and choose LOVE years ago. But I am even more thankful that she has continued to choose love everyday since. She will never fully know the impact that choice has had on countless people and generations to come.


It’s a reminder.
It’s a declaration.

His LOVE always always WINS!

t & E V Day 2015 (2)

It’s True.

Ever True. 


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