Everett Jeremiah is ONE

You started out very small
With a war cry that could startle nations & you used it often.
You weren’t to sure how you felt about this new world
With a big brother that was smothering you in kisses and trying to share his toys but always ending up bonking you in the head with them.
You grew…quickly
With a never ending appetite and love for all things bananas
You became our happy Heavy Evy
With a smile on your face always
You are already a morning person
With a smile every morning without fail-you are ready to start the day
You are determined
With a stubbornness that is matched only by the people that made you-you can hold your own
You have the best smile
With your three top teeth that show, the dimple on the top of your cheek & your eyes that close-you smile with your WHOLE face
You are our Everett Jeremiah
With nicknames like
Mr. Planters//Ehbit Me-ay-mya//Heavy Evy
Chunka chunka burnin love & whatever else comes out
You will be loved forever
With all our hearts.every.day.no matter what!
You will be prayed for
With every changing season and new adventure-you can know that you are covered in prayers from your mommy & daddy

You are ONE


With a family that loves you like crazy


It’s True.

Ever True.

***More pictures of his Dr. Seuss birthday bash will be coming after Im done celebrating this cute birthday boy!***


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